13th March 2012 12:03
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Feminist snark, 1915 style

LTMC: Feminism: smashing gender roles with ruthless satire since 1915.

1. One in three women die or are seriously injured as a result of gender-based violence. Violence against women results in more deaths among women ages 15 to 44 than the total number of women who die because of war, malaria, and cancer.

2. An estimated four million women and girls are bought and sold worldwide each year, either into marriage, prostitution or slavery.

3. One out of every six American women have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. An estimated 60 percent of all rapes are not reported to the police.

4. Approximately 96 million young women in developing countries still cannot read or write. Globally, girls account for 55 percent of children not in school.

5. Nearly 75 percent of those displaced by violent conflict are women. Displacement leaves women without access to health care, proper nutrition or education. Displaced women face a higher threat of gender-based terrorism and violence.

6. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda resulted in hundreds of thousands of violent sexual assaults, resulting in an estimated 250,000 women falling victim to HIV/AIDS. While many women awaiting treatment died, their perpetrators receive antiretroviral therapies in prison.

7. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that actually denies women the right to vote by law. In other parts of the world, where women are legally allowed to vote, many women still struggle to exercise their rights. For example, in Afghanistan, some women were denied the right to vote in 2009 because the country lacked the necessary amount of female staff members to provide enough polls for women.

8. With its rate of violence, sexual assault and inadequate health care, Afghanistan remains the most dangerous place in the world for women to live.

9. In 1974, Isabel Peron became the world’s first woman president, when she was elected President of Argentina. Around the world, 68 women have served as head of state in their country (not including monarchies). Currently, 38 women serve as head of government around the world. In 1997, Ireland became the first country to succeed power from one female president to another.

10. African nations have more women in parliament than most western nations. Rwanda ranks number one in world rankings for the highest representation of women at 49 percent. 

13th October 2011 20:35
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Oh yes, this happened. Sure, it’s not going to become a law…but just in case you didn’t know the absolute disdain the GOP has for women and how little women’s lives mean to them…know you fucking know.

29th September 2011 6:16
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In the future, your role in the defense force will be determined on your ability, not on the basis of your sex.
Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith, announcing today that Australia will now allow its female servicemembers to serve on the front lines in all possible combat roles. Amen to that. (via thepoliticalnotebook)
9th September 2011 13:29
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Premature baby brains can’t tell pain from touch


Premature baby brains can’t tell pain from touch


The next time you see anti-choice propaganda like “Dairy of An Unborn Child” (sic), She’s a Child not a “Choice”, kids with tape on their mouths that says “Life” who believe they’re making some kind of statement, kids who have no world experience sacrificing soft drinks and candy Until Abortion Ends, or any of the plentiful anti-choice pictures and poems from the fetus’ point of view that clutter our Tumblr dashboards which usually start out with “Dear mommy…” step back and consider this.

New research from University College London has shown that premature baby brains can’t tell pain from touch.Not until 35 to 37 weeks – just before a fetus would normally be born – can the developing brain tell pain stimuli from touch stimuli.

That means as long as a fetus is inside the womb up until just two weeks before its’ due date, a fetus cannot identify pain. It can’t differentiate pain from other stimuli. An aborted fetus cannot wax poetic on being betrayed by its mother. It can’t feel regret for not being born. It cannot know or even feel at the most basic level what is happening to it.

This research is obviously important for the proper treatment and development of preemies, but it also sheds some light on the “pro-life” movement’s greatest weapon; projecting human qualities onto something which is physiologically incapable of having them for the sole purpose of appealing to our emotions.

31st August 2011 12:32
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Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India’s poorest women are banding together, taking up arms, and fighting back. Even more shocking than the pink saris they wear: Their quest for justice is actually working. In one of the most backward regions of India, the badlands of Central India, village women dressed in pink saris are getting togther to fight corruption and injustice and to raise their voices against the system.”Pink Gang” fights for the rights of women and other marginalized people in rural India.

(via recycleanimals/outofthewindow)

25th August 2011 10:40
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Don’t be short changed campaign

The fact that women are still not being paid to the level that men are is ridiculous.
But this is such a great campaign video I am dying. Well done Australia.

OH god YES.

i actually want one

isn’t it 27% less in the States? my numbers could be totally off.


It is my hope for Michele Bachmann that it is NOT one of her daughters (3 natural; 23 foster) who is found dead in a pool of her own blood with a coathanger sticking out of her vagina.


Taking a U-Turn on Women’s Health.

30th June 2011 14:11
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(via Do They Really Believe Abortion Is Murder?)

Positions that are inconsistent with the idea that abortion is murder, but consistent with the idea that women deserve to be punished for having sex.