5th May 2012 15:15
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Thou shalt not mess with a woman’s reproductive rights.” — Fallopians 4:28

[Courtesy Arizona Women Unite Rally April 28th, 2012]

20th March 2012 16:40
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The annual cost for a woman to purchase hormone-based contraception like the birth control pill or NuvaRing can range from free to as much as $1,800 depending on whether an insurance plan subsidizes part of it. There are some health clinics around the country that provide free contraception.

“When women are pushed against a wall, they will take action on their own,” Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president for medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in an interview last year. For nearly all women, birth control pills and emergency contraception are very safe to use, she added. Her primary safety concern for those who acquire pills through back channels is the possibility of tampering or that the medication might have expired.

Tens of millions of women stand to save hundreds of dollars each year depending on the pending legislation.

I know you folks know that birth control isn’t cheap. But just as a reminder. People shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk to go to such far measures to get birth control. Being able to control your body and practice autonomy shouldn’t be this hard.