20th February 2012 19:18
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Hundreds silently protest the Virginia bill that would force women to undergo involuntary vaginal penetration before receiving an abortion.

HT @maddowblogDelegate Mark Sickles

11th October 2011 6:35
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4th October 2011 15:35
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A working list of demands:

1. Congress pass HR 1489 (“Return to Prudent Banking Act”)

2. Use Congressional authority and oversight to ensure appropriate federal Agencies fully investigate and prosecute the Wall Street Criminals

3. Congress enact legislation to protect our democracy by reversing the effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision

4. Congress pass the Buffett rule on fair taxation so the rich and corporations pay their fair share; close corporate tax loop-holes; enact a prohibition on hiding funds off-shore

5. Congress completely revamp the Securities & Exchange commission at all levels

6. Congress pass specific and effective laws limiting the influence of lobbyists; eliminate the practice of lobbyists writing legislation that ends up on the floor of congress

7. Congress passing “Revolving Door Legislation” eliminating the ability of former government regulators going to work for corporations that they once regulated

8. Eliminate “personhood” legal status for corporations

Read the list for more information. Under #8 there’s the awful statistic that the 14th amendment, created to supposedly give equal rights to African Americans, had 307 cases brought before court (between 1890-1910); 288 were brought by corporations and only 19 by actual people.



4th October 2011 9:41
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Gary Clement on the success of the Occupy Wall Street protest

Wall Street protests spreading to Toronto, Calgary, Montreal
World stocks dive to 15-month low

Really NPR, really? Because OccupyWallStreet is hoping to destroy the global economy? Fuck no. Corporate greed did that. Nor are we cheering that the global economy is tanking. That means that those with the money to help are going to hold on tighter to it. Corporations are going to cut more jobs in favor of profits; government will make more cuts to welfare programs instead of pursuing a fair approach that doesn’t leave more people out of a home/food/utilities/etc (I’m all for ran-sacking their pay for not getting anything productive done, but that’s just me).

NPR: I am sorely disappointed in you with your approach to [finally] covering the protests, painting participants as anti-humanitarian and clueless. Shame on you.

4th October 2011 9:32
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Click the link, watch the video, read the transcript, find something inanimate to punch.

i second the finding of something to punch.

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My name is Kelly Schomburg, I’m the girl with the red hair in these pictures. I was protesting at the Occupy Wall Street march yesterday when I and several other women were sprayed with mace and subsequently arrested. Many have already seen the video, which has been spreading like wildfire over twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and other video feeds, along with hundreds of other photos and videos. This is my recount of what happened.

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26th September 2011 12:55
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Anyone with eyes open knows that the gangsterism of Wall Street — financial institutions generally — has caused severe damage to the people of the United States (and the world). And should also know that it has been doing so increasingly for over 30 years, as their power in the economy has radically increased, and with it their political power. That has set in motion a vicious cycle that has concentrated immense wealth, and with it political power, in a tiny sector of the population, a fraction of 1%, while the rest increasingly become what is sometimes called “a precariat” — seeking to survive in a precarious existence. They also carry out these ugly activities with almost complete impunity — not only too big to fail, but also “too big to jail.”

The courageous and honorable protests underway in Wall Street should serve to bring this calamity to public attention, and to lead to dedicated efforts to overcome it and set the society on a more healthy course.

MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, the most-cited living author in the world and one of the most staunchly anti-capitalist intellectuals in the United States, has sent a “strong message of support” to the organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protests (via cantorknox)
22nd September 2011 5:43
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17th September 2011 15:06
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Wall St. Occupation

6th September 2011 11:55
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Rape prevention tip: use the buddy system! If you’re not able to stop yourself from sexually assaulting people, ask a friend to stay with you while you’re in public!