14th October 2011 15:43
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Occupy Wall Street: Our One Demand. 

14th October 2011 10:43
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While Police Crack Down on #OccupyWallSt and #OccupyDenver, #OccupyDallas Takes City to Federal Court



While hundreds of police officers planned to swarm peaceful assemblies in Denver and New York, lawyers for #OccupyDallas filed an injunction with the federal court system on Wednesday, arguing for their right to protest, without a permit, in a city park.

As of this morning, #OccupyDallas is still one of the few occupations that has not seen a single arrest made. However, city officials have threatened to break up the demonstration, because the group does not have a million-dollar insurance policy covering the event. Without such insurance, it is impossible to receive an event permit from the city.

Protesters argue that the million dollar insurance rule is for events which draw crowds of 2500+, and that the the city’s actions would infringe on the First Amendment rights of the ~200 people gathered in Dallas’ Pioneer Plaza.

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You have the right to assembly- if you have the cash to pay for it.

14th October 2011 9:46
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Occupy London Stock Exchange


After four weeks of focus on Wall Street, the fast-moving campaign against the global banking industry is coming to the UK this weekend, with the biggest event aiming to “occupy” the London Stock Exchange.

Organised by Facebook and Twitter pages which between them have picked up more than 15,000 followers, campaigners are to gather outside St Paul’s Cathedral at midday on Saturday before marching the short distance to Paternoster Square, the business development housing the London Stock Exchange, as well as the UK HQ of investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Peter Walker reports on plans for #OccupyLSX this weekend - an event inspired by the #OccupyWallSt campaign

who wants to go to London with me?

14th October 2011 9:29
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Huge victory at Occupy Wall Street this morning! At 6 A.M., thousands of people gathered at Zucotti Park to defend the occupation from Bloomberg’s threat of eviction. By 7 A.M., Bloomberg was forced to concede, saying that he was abandoning plans to clear the park!

The people united will truly never be defeated.

13th October 2011 19:48
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cancel all my evening plans:

i’m going to write some letters: hickenlooper and obama. and possibly bloomberg.

i’m also going to rage on facebook messenger with my cousin jamie about how fucked up the entire situation that we call the USA is right now. people are close-minded and complacent, failing to understand that joblessness doesn’t mean laziness; the one-percent are trying to get us riled up about tiny insigfuckingnificant issues in order to distract us as they pass through more legislation that destroys the way of living for the majority of the people. seriously: in the big picture, what does it matter what i do with my body? it only effects me and possibly one other in my life. in the big picture, people expressing their love for each other isn’t an issue at all. the world could use a hell of a lot more love! (so could i, the writer of this blog. i may rage less then. doubtful.) but, pundits distract us with this nonsense so they can vote down the jobs bill and approve a free trade bill (that will send more jobs over seas and fuck over foreign nations as well as our own)! and we’re going to talk about our grandpa, who told her (since they live in the same state and she gets to see him a lot more) that he was so sad for us, that we are growing up in difficult times and it’s not right. and then i’m going to get weepy because my grandpa is my hero.