18th October 2011 5:43
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Occupy London protesters set for long haul outside cathedral as global action against financial institutions gains momentum Occupy London camp in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in the city of London. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP

In their stand against mammon, protesters occupying St Paul’s churchyard to vent anger at reckless bankers found heartwarming support emanating from the house of God.

Far from requesting that the 300-strong crowd be removed from the cathedral steps on Sunday , the Rev Dr Giles Fraser, canon chancellor of St Paul’s, requested that the police themselves move on as the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest entered its second day.

A line of officers had taken up position at the top of the steps to “protect” the building. “Which was very good of them,” explained the canon. But then he had asked them if they would leave, “because I didn’t feel that it needed that sort of protection”.

DENVER PD: take note.