6th October 2011 12:28
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Meltdown, Paying the price #OccupyWallStreet #USA


As the toll of the financial crisis continues to mount, many are looking for its true causes - and finding a crime.

The third episode of Meltdown looks at how the victims of the 2008 financial crash fight back. A protesting singer in Iceland brings down the government; in France a union leader oversees the kidnapping of his bosses; and thousands of families are made homeless in California.

In depth coverage of US financial crisis protests

Hordur Torfason, an Icelandic singer, leads the way in holding protests over the country’s economy, calling for the resignation of the government and new elections.

Geir Haarde, the prime minister of Iceland, was surrounded and pelted by the protestors. Haarde soon resigned and the country’s government collapsed.

In France, workers fought back to claim their rights. The Continental Tire factory announced its plant would close by 2010, meaning job losses for its 1,120 employees. Workers occupied offices and trashed the place in protest. Protests spread right across France and Europe.

As the grim toll of the financial crisis continues to mount around the world, many governments are looking for the true causes of the meltdown. In many cases, what they are discovering amounts to a crime.

Source: Al Jazeera

4th October 2011 9:41
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Gary Clement on the success of the Occupy Wall Street protest

Wall Street protests spreading to Toronto, Calgary, Montreal
World stocks dive to 15-month low

Really NPR, really? Because OccupyWallStreet is hoping to destroy the global economy? Fuck no. Corporate greed did that. Nor are we cheering that the global economy is tanking. That means that those with the money to help are going to hold on tighter to it. Corporations are going to cut more jobs in favor of profits; government will make more cuts to welfare programs instead of pursuing a fair approach that doesn’t leave more people out of a home/food/utilities/etc (I’m all for ran-sacking their pay for not getting anything productive done, but that’s just me).

NPR: I am sorely disappointed in you with your approach to [finally] covering the protests, painting participants as anti-humanitarian and clueless. Shame on you.

27th September 2011 16:46
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